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We’re Gonna Score Tonight

February 2, 2010

Last week I was approached to join my friend’s bowling team. It’s been a longtime dream of mine to be on a bowling team and I was pleased to be considered a recruit. Alas, the timing didn’t work out for me to accept this much coveted position. However, I think it may have worked out for the best, as I am CERTAIN my bowling average would have brought the team down… way down. 

This is not the first time bowling has been on my radar lately. I found it fascinating that in December a Prohibition era bowling alley was unearthed in Queens, NY. 

Image via Scouting NY


And then there’s the work of William Stranger, a CA artist who makes sustainable and eco-friendly furniture using salvaged wood. Stranger Furniture exhibited new work and pieces from Second Growth at Dwell on Design conference last June, including this fabulous bowling alley table. 

Bowling Lane Coffee Table via Stranger Furniture


When I was in Hudson a few months ago, I spotted an antique bowling pin that I was enamored with… and would have purchased were it not $90. Those suckers are not inexpensive so if you get your hands on one, don’t let go! But also, don’t be afraid to dress it up a bit. Aren’t these painted antique pins adorable!? 

Image via Brabourne Farm


PS. My favorite bowling scene/song of all time.

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  1. February 3, 2010 2:13 pm

    If you were really that bad, your score wouldn’t have counted anyway! Besides, I’m pretty sure greg would give you a run for your money in the lowest score category.

  2. February 3, 2010 3:18 pm

    Oh, and that bowling alley lane is the best! I want it!

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