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Get Back Inc.

March 9, 2010

As I get older, I’m finding that my personal design preferences lean closer to industrial and mid-century design, and farther away from this traditional/ country/glamour/eccentric mesh I’ve been developing over the years.

So when I found this company, Get Back Inc. I went bonkers for the AMAZING industrial pieces they have in stock.

A very efficient workspace.

What would make for a lovely kitchen island, I love the milky white top surface!

An old school lunchtable – super cute! Wonder if adults could fit at the table? Would be neat in a garden.

Oh, how I’d love to fill this with crisp, fresh linens!

This reminds me of the awesome bed/palette in Baby Sister’s Nursery (which I’m just crazy about!)

These would look fabulous against a wall painted a deep purple or moss green.

Another cool kitchen island option.

The most succinct craft cabinet one could ever own. I love this color!

This would be great in a kid’s playroom (obviously) but it would also be a neat space divider. And, if it were in a living room, it would be very handy on game night.

These are interesting, I’m not sure what could be done with them. My first thought was to make them into lamps. Can you think any other ways to repurpose these beauties?

And finally, whilst helping my good friend Swirby clean out her NY storage unit* this weekend, she came across the fabric panels that had once served as her closet in the NY apartment we lived in back in the early 2000’s**. This would have been an infinitely cooler closet solution.

* I’d like to take this opportunity to note that Swirbs moved from NY in 2007. A good portion of  her belongings have been renting a nice (but rather dark) studio space on 11th Ave and W. 29th St. Actually, many of the remnants of Swirby’s time in NY ended up in my apartment for some repurposing and refinishing. More about THAT in the coming months. Also…

** Do people really say early 2000’s? Weird.

All images via Get Back Inc.

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