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HOME TOUR: Meet Gleason

May 14, 2010

Gleason is a friend of a friend. She lives in Charleston. She went to school for interior design. Gleason also sifts through trash to find treasure. Gleason will now be providing her design wisdom every so often in form of a Salvage Challenge. The way it works is… I take pictures of items curbed on the streets of NY (or elsewhere). I send to Gleason. Gleason emails me back with ideas for how to make the items workable in the home. It’s an exercise in creativity. And this girl has plenty to spare.

Gleason’s first Salvage Challenge will be posted on Monday. But until then, Gleason takes us on a tour of the work she’s done in her fabulous home.

empty frames on walls

These are pictures from what I refer to as the “Morning Room”. It gets great light in the morning & if I can get myself up early enough I will fix my breakfast & eat it in here while reading magazines. I used to work for a frame shop & the owners would make me these small frames out of scraps. After that I was hooked & started buying a variety of frames whenever I came across one that caught my eye. I still have a few gaps to fill but I am almost done with the frame wall.


The Iron pot I bought at a local shop with the stand. I loved the idea that it would sit over a fire & now it sits in a stand & can be filled with one of my collections-drift wood & buoys collected from as far North as Nova Scotia down to Charleston.

salvaged doors

The doors I also bought at a local shop & was drawn not only to the color & depth of the doors but also to the price tag. I like the fact that they just lean up against my wall as a piece of art for now but in the future I may hang pictures from them, turn them into head boards or hopefully be able to use them as functional doors!

sunny kitchen

The trash can in my kitchen came from the best consignment shop in Boulder, Colorado. It is an old flour sifter from Cleveland, Ohio.

antique Flour Sifter Trashcan

I was immediately drawn to the bright orange color  & the fact that its original purpose was no longer needed. It is a great height & such a better look for a trash can. Absolutely one of my first & favorite purchases.

Sand Dollars at Window

I love living at the beach – I am drawn to the feeling of calm it brings me. I am a 10 minute drive to Folly Beach & cross lots of bridges daily. One of my favorite things about my morning is while waking up & fixing coffee, breakfast & feeding the animals, I get to look at my collection of sand dollars. They remind me of walks I have taken on different southern beaches & the people I visited.

antique vanity and headboard

I love my bedroom! It is the first time that I feel I have made it cozy & with my dark curtains it is very hard to get out of that room in the morning! I paid about $90 for the headboard at the Antique shop I was running in town.To the right of the bed I have this great Edisto table that I found at an antique shop in Walterboro, SC. It is hard to tell but there is some blue & green paint on the table! I love the roughness of it & that it was made within 45 miles of where I live. To the left of the bed is a dressing table my sister kindly gave to me & I plan on sanding it down & repainting it one day soon.

Dressing Room Bed

I am fortunate to have a 4 bedroom home but there is not a need to use them all for sleeping. One of my favorite rooms is my Dressing Room!

Dressing Room Wall Mirrors

I removed the door & put up a heavy curtain, added sheers to the windows to bring in lots of natural light, found a double caned day bed for overflow guests & afternoon naps & added a wall with an eclectic mix of mirrors.

Purse Rack with antique finials

For Christmas one year my Mother made me this purse rack, since she knew my collection was getting out of control. According to her the finials were left over from a French Castle (she also knows what a romantic I am) & she designed the base & pole & attached the finials to it.

vintage sign letters

These letters were scooped up out of my neighbors trash pile. They were from an old jewelry shop that closed. I carted them home & dumped them in my backyard. My friend & I spent some time moving all of the letters & coming up with this wording-“Mellow Jersey Beer Bar Y’all-MGJ” (which are my initials). I plan on hanging them on my fence for color & depth.

dog on chair

Thanks for the tour Gleason (and Queen Elvira!). See you Monday for Gleason’s first Salvage Challenge. Have a great weekend!


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  1. Ramona McDaris permalink
    May 14, 2010 6:42 am

    Can’t wait for Monday’s Salvage Challenge…Gleason’s room furnishings from found objects has inspired me to do at least one room with my own “odd stuff” — fun!


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