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SALVAGE CHALLENGE: Old cabinet door

May 17, 2010

How many times have you been stopped in your tracks over a piece of furniture left on the side of the road? I find it so annoying that my apartment only holds so much. One thing to consider whenever you’re taking something off a street corner is whether there any strength to the design or the materials used. I was drawn to this door because of how sturdy it looks. That’s real wood, ya’ll. Real, thick wood.

salvaged door

My first idea for rehabilitating this piece was to affix tiles to the top of cabinet (to hide where one side of the wood was looking a little sad) and then put a mirror in the middle.

I saw these tiles at the Elephant Flea a few weeks ago (more on THAT tomorrow!) and thought they’d be perfect!

blue and white tiles

Another idea was to cut a matching pull on the other side, paint and lacquer the whole piece, then use it as a mega tray.

I tossed this Salvage Challenge over to Gleason:

I think it would be great to use the cabinet door in a bathroom & hide all of your goodies behind it. Putting the mirror in the middle would be a great addition to this concept.

My thought was that it might be necessary to add a stand to help the door stand up on it’s on.

I could see it in my office leaning against a wall & pinning photos & post cards to it for design inspiration.

I could see an art piece hanging in the center of it so it is mounted on top of the cabinet

or popping out the center and using it as a picture frame.

Great ideas, Gleason! So, what do you guys think? Any other ways that this cabinet door could be given new life?

*Sketches by Erin (which is why they are a bit wonky!)

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