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May 21, 2010

So I don’t know about ya’ll but I would looooove to find a cheap, falling apart house (preferably lake side, with mountain views) to completely gut and renovate someday. And you can bet the renovation would include a lot of salvaged architecture. I found a bunch of cool pieces on the website for Architectural Salvage Warehouse (in Vermont) and got to daydreaming.


Years ago, I saw in a magazine how a phone booth had been integrated into the interior of a room. They had placed the booth in the entry way between a family room and kitchen so that you walked through the booth to get from one to the other. It was super cool.

leaded glass window

How awesome would these look in a built in kitchen hutch? Can you see it?

post office mail sorter

It’s a wonder it took this long for library file cabinets and mail sorters, such as this one, to become popular in residential design. I look at this and think, “Holy cow, BC needs this for all the crap stacked in boxes in his apt.”

door bin pulls

Whilst perusing this month’s Elle Decor, I came across a beautiful kitchen where the island, which was an old looking wood piece, had been affixed with vintage door pulls. V. cool.

Go Architectural Salvage Warehouse!


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