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INSPIRATION: repurposing nautical

June 4, 2010

It started as it often does; with a dinner party. This weekend, I’m hosting a small group of friends for a summer potluck. (Oh, the parties I’d throw had I more space – you would all certainly be invited!) And of course, no potluck’s complete without a party decoration theme, right?

I challenged my guests to bring “summer picnic/BBQ” types of food but my decoration brainstorm started to go in a tragically tiki direction. Not that I’m against tiki, mind you. I was just hoping to be more elegant that kitsch for this particular party.  And then… summer… water… boats… nautical!

There are many lovely nautical products made from sea materials. Like this adorable lamp from Furbish Studio made of an old buoy.

isuwannee buoy lamp

Or this candleholder made from real driftwood by Nature’s Cabinet.

Driftwood Candle

I love these sea creatures on old book pages by Black Baroque. (And was inspired to do something similar myself but didn’t have time to seek out the perfect vintage sea read as my canvas.)

sea prints on vintage books

Austin Modern has a fabulous selection of vintage bottles with sea specimen tops in their Etsy shop. The sea makes some pretty amazing pieces of art.

vintage bottle with coral speciman

Ooh, this is lovely. A seashell frame by SilknLight’s with many of the shells collected along the NC coast! And really, what’s a nautical theme without some shells anyway?

seashell frame

But when it came down to decorating my place for the party, I had to get back to basics. So rather than looking for the stuff that was already repurposed and made, I clicked over to Ebay to look for materials and vintage supplies to get the look for less.

Things like this vintage lantern from EGlowWorm‘s shop.

vintage lantern

Or this cool life preserver from BleuGardenia.

vintage life ring

I absolutely adored all the colors of the glass balls for sale, these through TheDiffChico. Though I must say, these seemed to be pretty expensive for what they are.

glass balls

I ended up going with just a few key elements; old fisherman’s netting (purchased through The Nautical Place on Ebay, a vintage lantern found at Elephant Flea

and this super cheeky fish glass container (from Pippen Vintage Home) that BC volunteered to carry around all night serving up shots from.

So I’ll take some pictures of the party so you can see the full effect.

Aye, Captain, you have a great weekend!



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