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June 22, 2010

Last week I attended an offline blogger meet-up called Blog Out Loud. Organized by the lovely ladies of Loving Living Small and Beach Bungalow 8, it was a really great evening with delicious treats* and great panelists**. Since I follow many of the panelists on Twitter, I was really excited to meet and hear them speak in person. I believe that my online world is beginning to collide with my offline world. (It’s like on Lost, when the sideways world began connecting with the real world… kinda.)

Anyway, at Blog Out Loud, I had the pleasure of sitting beside Jeremy Pickett, a furniture designer out of Red Hook in Brooklyn. (You may know that I immediately adore anyone from Red Hook.)

Jeremy told me about the work he’s been doing with reclaimed wood and vintage textiles. It all sounded really exciting, but I had no idea how much talent was sitting beside me until viewing his product gallery.

Ond Bench

Forbannelse Chair

I think it’s just magical when wood finds it’s way into the right hands. The way it gleams, it’s truly stunning.

Reclaimed Yellow Pine Door

In a recent blog post Jeremy writes about his green philosophy and his connection to the ancient religion of Shintoism.”Shintoism is founded on the belief that one must pay respects to ancestors and objects that have come before it.”

Vintage Finnish Textiles

Jeremy writes: “There is a relatively new term being applied to a certain core of furniture maker in the green movement as ‘heirloom design’. Quite simply, this concept maintains that sustainability is best created when a piece of furniture is designed with the durability to last generations; therefore the need to produce replacements is decreased.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

* Blog Out Loud featured amazing desserts (of which I had admittedly more than my share) from Fanny and Jane and a great little goodie bag (was especially grateful for cool, black taper candles from Creative Candles and the Gilding Lillies card that came in handy when I needed to write a Thank you note the next day!)

** The panel was made-up of five enthusiastic, successful bloggers:

Panelists and Organizers of BOL6, Image via Blog Out Loud

Erin of Design for Mankind
Michelle from When I Grow Up Coach
Amy from ABCD Designs (who is currently living my dream of renovating a home upstate! I’d be jealous if she weren’t kind of enough tweet all about it so I can live vicariously!)
Alison from The Etsy Blog
and Meredith from The Inside Source
Images via Pickett Furniture.


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  1. June 22, 2010 9:25 am

    Thanks so much for coming to Blog Out Loud, and subsequently for introducing me to your fantabulous blog, Erin!

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