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KNOW Mike Miller

June 24, 2010

I received the Fall Preview catalog from West Elm this week. And I liked it. A lot.

Dark moody walls, antique touches (like an amazing bedside wall sconce that I wanted to jump into the catalog to grab), and perfectly un-styled rooms. It just all felt really comfortable and good.

One of the spotlights of the Fall Preview is their collaboration with the artist and antique dealer, Mike Miller.

via West Elm

Mr. Miller creates these by taking vintage photos and cutting out the silhouette. I agree with Design*Sponge; what I wouldn’t give to see the original print!

But then I turned my eye towards Mr. Miller’s antique shop, Lo and Behold. And talk about an eye… this guy is my hero. Take a look at some of his finds (most of these are all sold, probably because they’re unbelievable rad):

A board of hotel guest keys…

The sign that I want to put in BC’s living room, because it’s hi-larious.

Animal candy molds, no idea what one does with this but the possibilities seem endless.

Crying child mannequin – seriously? Weird, creepy… and intriguing.

Antique arithmetic boards…

I absolutely love this gal’s somber face. She’s pretty much thinking “Darn my parents for making me take violin lessons”

A real sign with bullet holes – COOL!

Mannequin legs, add a table top and make a side table. Ode to A Christmas Story?

This is an old car cushion but I wonder if it would work as the headboard of a child’s bed?

These colors are just so fresh and I like that this guy has well manicured hands.

And finally… are we all aboard that Mike Miller is pretty much awesome?

You know… I realized that what I like about Mike’s selection at Lo and Behold Antiques is his ability to gather pieces that either are exciting, make me think or with which I’d need to apply a little creativity.

And just when you think Mike Miller couldn’t possibly do anything more interesting…


another project,  Housebroken, dog faces on vintage portraits.

*Wags tail.*

Amy images via Lo and Behold Antiques unless otherwise noted.


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