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TOUR Amy’s Charlotte Home

July 14, 2010

Ironically, as I was compiling this post I found out that another friend from college, was in town for a few nights on a work trip. Amy DG lived next door to me for two years on our sorority floor. Amy used to assist in my grooming efforts. For example, on at least one occasion she would take one look at me and ask that I let her iron my clothes immediately.

One of my favorite memories of Amy was our getting ready for a mid-week party together. We were running late so Amy dictated her paper to me so that I could type as she hot rolled her hair. Additionally, we were drinking wine from a box.

But Amy DG is all grown up now (she mostly drinks wine from a bottle, thank you very much). She and her husband live in a gorgeous home in Charlotte, NC and just welcomed their daughter Charlotte to the world this Spring. Amy had told me that Charlotte’s nursery and her home in general were affixed with antiques and other finds so I asked that she take us on a little tour…

Amy’s husband Thom’s family friend gave them this great trunk. However, the lock and top are somewhat damaged, so they’ve turned it upside down, which works just as well. This trunk traveled with Amy and Thom since they were married and they can hear something rattling around inside but have never picked the lock to see what it is. Amy said the running joke is that their fortune is in this trunk and they’ll never find it.

This is an old sewing table that Amy’s mom found at a yard sale for $20! The top lifts up to provide storage for supplies, though Amy’s always used it as an accent table.  Amy did a nice job finishing all her pieces so that they meet the standards of her design aesthetic.

Amy found this little side table gem at Southend Exchange, which I’m pretty ashamed to have not known about before. I will definitely be stopping by on my next trip home, as there a couple of items that caught my eye… the lighting in particular.

Oooh, yet another shop to visit, the Sleepy Poet in Charlotte. Amy picked the glass coffee table up for $50! Did I mention this lady has a talent for thrifty shopping?

In the nursery, an etagere, commonly used in dining rooms, was re-purposed to hold Charlotte’s books and small treasures.

Thom’s mother found this rocking chair at a flea market and had a friend refinish the wood. The footstool was passed down from Charlotte’s great great grandma, and reupholstered in a fabric to match the rocker pillow. It all came together so perfectly.

Thanks again for showing us around, Ames!

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