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Nancy Meyers Movies

November 2, 2010

Over the weekend BC and I were watching TV and landed on a channel that was showing Something’s Gotta Give. Once BC placed the movie, he said authoritatively, “This is a chick flick. A movie where Keanu Reeves is a smart, young, hot doctor? Guys don’t want to see that”

Personally, I didn’t notice Keanu for all the eye candy in the set design. Since my youth, I’ve been oogling the stunning interiors that Nancy Meyers creates in her movies.

1991 Father of the Bride

Exhibit A. Basically, I wanted to be Annie Banks. I wanted to go to Europe and meet the man of my dreams in an Italian movie theatre, move back to my parents a-mazing home in southern California and have the perfect wedding reception in the backyard of the house I grew up in. I’ve always been a disappointed that that never happened.

1995 Father of the Bride Part II

That nursery. I would have been 15 in 1995, and I remember thinking “that’s what I want my kid’s nursery to look like some day.” I especially loved the juliet balcony off the back.

1998 The Parent Trap

I grew up watching the original, but I did always love this version. Especially the house in Napa. Especially the entrance and especially the porch overlooking the vineyard.

2000 What Women Want

This was before Mel Gibson was controversial Mel. He was still kinda dapper and dreamy. And he and Helen Hunt’s characters both living in these well coiffed urban spaces. Can rooms be well coiffed? They can in a Nancy Meyer movie.

2003 Something’s Gotta Give

The kitchen that launched a thousand kitchens. The whole Hamptons house was exactly what you wanted to imagine a Hamptons house would be. I always loved Diane Keaton’s character’s ideal desk/large window situation.

2006 The Holiday

What stole the show was Kate Winslet’s old English rose cottage. Strangely enough, I went to the premiere of this movie. Completely by accident! But the whole gang was there,  Jude, Kate, Cameron… even Nancy Meyers. It was kind of a surreal night.

2009 It’s Complicated

And finally, the second kitchen to launch a thousand kitchens. Have you ever been to Santa Barbara? Cause this house paints a glorious picture of what life is like there. I only wish the movie hadn’t ended before they completed the new kitchen addition!

You’ll notice, there’s a certain bit of nostalgia in Nancy Meyers set design. Lots of older buildings and classic, traditional design.


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