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Bedford Post Inn

December 20, 2010

My living room drapes have been closed since last Friday and I have never watched so many movies in a row. Though “couch potato” generally doesn’t earn a positive response in my world – it’s sometimes pretty darn nice to take a weekend off. Even if you’re forced to do so.

Similarly the idea of vacationing in my town or nearby is equally appealing. Think about it – being at your vacation spot within an hour would be pretty great. There’s this adorable New England B&B in Bedford, NY called the Bedford Post Inn. Aside from looking like an absolute eden, it’s also only 45 minutes outside NY.  Quick trip… shall we?

Dating back at least to 1835, the main building of the Bedford Post Inn was a tavern, inn and post office. In the 20’s it became Bedford Green Inn and was later called Nino’s.

In 2007, the dilapidated 18th century antique inn and outbuildings on Old Post Road were discovered by Richard Gere and his wife Carey Lowell. They, along with a business partner, renovated and in 2008 the Barn at Bedford Post, a yoga studio and casual cafe were opened, followed by the eight room inn and the Farmhouse restaurant in 2009.

These rooms are actually exactly as I’ve imagined mine and BC’s bedroom. Classic, relaxing, comfortable. Not overly decorated or overly stimulating for that matter. And I love those sconces.

I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge the bathrooms. Clawfoot tubs are the absolute best. Imagine your day at the Bedford Post Inn – complimentary yoga in the barn followed by a long soak in a clawfoot tub.

Then there’s breakfast in the Barn, the more casual dining alternative on the property. Actually, there’s nothing casual about how good the Barn menus look. I would be all over the sauteed mussels on the lunch menu.

The Farmhouse Restaurant has become pretty notable in it’s short existence. It received a wonderful review from the NY Times and in one of their seasonal menus shown online they include a “pumpkin ice cream sandwich”, which means that the chef is aces in my book.

Speaking of the chef, one of the private dining options is the chef’s table above, right off the kitchen. Another option is the gorgeous dining room below. If I were going to Westchester County for the weekend, I would have to make a reservation at Blue Hill at Stone Barns which is my absolute favorite. Luckily, there are two nights in a weekend – between the Farmhouse and Blue Hill,  it would be food heaven!

Bedford, NY itself has it’s own historic significance. It was founded when two puritans who had made their way up the road, purchased the land from Indians. Interestingly, in the Revolutionary War times, Bedford was between both English and American territory and was considered neutral. Still, the entire village was burned by horsemen in 1779. With the arrival of the railroad in the mid-1800’s, the town built itself up again. Today, Bedford is made up on three hamlets effectively containing the original settlement, the town that resulted out of the railroad boom, and Katonah, a planned development.

In Pretty Women, Julia Robert’s character tells Richard Gere’s character: “I want the fairy tale.” For the record, this is mine.

Images via Bedford Post Inn


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