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Revived Vintage

January 17, 2011

Hope you are enjoying a long weekend. Despite just having had a week off at Christmas, I was rather ready for another (albeit short) break!

Today, I’m so excited to introduce to you, Amy of Revived Vintage. Amy creates beautiful chalkboards using antique frames. Here is her story…

Welcome Amy! How did you get started creating your chalkboards and when did you open Revived Vintage?

I started selling chalkboards after I made one for myself. I kept seeing many Syroco style frames and thought they would make great transformed up cycled chalkboards. I opened the Etsy shop last February but didn’t list my first item until May. I initially listed a Pewter frame with a pink chalkboard that seemed to get a lot of attention, it sold soon after and just took off from there.

This Syroco frame was shipped to Sweden to hang in a French Country kitchen

How do your customers use your chalkboards ? What’s the favorite way you’ve seen one of your chalkboards used?

I don’t really have a favorite way my boards have been used, I love every way customers have used them…from Weddings, Bridal Showers to Special Events. Most of my more modern/urban style chalkboards have sold to Restaurants/Cafes. My newest addition is the “Sidewalk Chalkboard” that work great for Wedding or Restaurant menus – Self standing large chalkboards big enough for elaborate menus.

In your shop profile you mention that you’re a big fan of Shabby Chic. Has that always been the case?

I fell in love with Shabby Chic years ago when I lived in Ventura, CA and had the most amazing flea markets to find hidden treasures. Soon after, envisioned my house in pastels and white and never changed. Sixteen years later, I’m still decorating the same way.

Do you have any other jobs besides running Revived Vintage?

For years I “Revived” old furniture into my Shabby Chic creations. From reupholstering old chairs to embellishing Armoires, everything pretty much turned up white in my house! I worked as a Respiratory therapist for 15 years and recently quit to do Etsy full time. I was always looking for a way to work from home and no longer have my work schedule interfere with all my kids activities and Etsy allowed me to achieve that goal!

How do you source your frames and what styles do you look out for?

I’ve figured out what styles sell the best and basically have formed a network of antique dealers, vendors that know exactly what I need. It saves me so much time, otherwise I could never find enough frames on my own to keep up with the demand during the spring and summer. I’m lucky to live in the area I do because we seem to have an abundance of amazing Syroco and Antique frames to choose from at reasonable prices!

If you could time travel what time period would you want to go back to?

If I could time travel I would go back to the Reign of Queen Victoria to experience the fashion of corsets, balloonist sleeves and crinolines. I would only hope I wouldn’t end up too prudish or repressive walking around in my Victorian garb!

Is there an object in your home which you’d consider to be an heirloom? Something you’d want to pass down to your kids someday?

I do have a treasured oil painting and diamond ring that belonged to my Great Grandmother. The painting dates back to the 19th century and hangs currently in my dining room.

Thank you Amy! Be sure to check out the Revived Vintage shop and blog to see more of Amy’s gorgeous work.

Images via Revived Vintage


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  1. Margaret Smith permalink
    January 17, 2011 8:43 pm

    I have one of Amy’s chalkboard frames and I love it. I use it as a kitchen message board for my husband and family and it gets a lot of comment from family and friends. It is a beautiful pale sea foam green with a black background. It is a functional and decorative piece to a any room in your home.

  2. Thelma permalink
    January 17, 2011 9:51 pm

    I am one of Amy’s 1st customers.I purchased a chalkboard from her for my upcoming wedding in July.I am not just a customer now I have gained a friend.Her business has grown abundantly since we met on Etsy.I wish her the best in everything and I can’t wait to display her creations at my wedding.

  3. Jo Anna Leap permalink
    January 17, 2011 11:54 pm

    Amy’s products are truly unique. She puts so much time and effort into each one of her frames so they will be perfect for each customer. I wish for you a prosperous New Year.

  4. Alison Leap permalink
    January 18, 2011 10:14 am

    I have seen Amy’s work first hand even before she started Etsy and she has fabulous taste. This venture was a calling on her part for sure. She has a natural talent for this niche and I am so glad that her business is doing so well. Amy you deserve all of this and more. I am so glad that there are other people that have the ability to see what fantastic pieces you create.

  5. ew32766 permalink*
    January 18, 2011 10:44 am

    I love that Amy has a fan club!! So excited to share more about her and hear stories from happy customers!


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