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Daily Memorandum

February 8, 2011

This is your daily memorandum:

Check out the goods at Daily Memorandum. With vintage described as “intellectual Americana”, running the mill from sturdy industrial pieces to pilows made from hand-knotted vintage rug fabric, there’s certainly a cerebral air to this carefully edited shop. Based in Philadelphia, the Daily Memorandum’s inspirations live on their website and you can follow them on Twitter for flash sale and end of the month specials. I love this quote on their Etsy profile page:

Gesamtkunstwerk; the idea that a home could be a total work of art. “Nothing in the domestic interior is too small or insignificant to be lovingly designed and made, and all were made to be seen and used together.” -Karen Livingstone, Essential Arts & Crafts.

Smart, indeed.

I think an industrial style coat hanger, like the one currently in stock, is a great solution for rooms with minimal closets and storage. Also, the little wooden house is a church tithing box, which is a super fun find.

Images via Daily Memorandum.


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