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Antiquing in Buenos Aires

February 11, 2011

My two top priority “must-sees” for our trip to Buenos Aires were a walk through the San Telmo neighborhood, ripe with antique shops and a visit one of the city’s weekend flea markets. Luckily, I got to do both and I was not one bit disappointed!

Last Monday, we started at Defenso and San Juan passing by dozens of great antique shops on our walk ending at Indepencia.

This metal cabinet is exactly what I’ve been looking for to toughen up our pink bathroom!

Alternative to stair railing? Hang vintage rolling pins!

I am in love with that painting of Venice in the black frame. It was 4800 pesos (roughly $2000 USD) and sadly waaay out of my price range. It would fit so perfectly in our bedroom color scheme – heartbroken!

The colors of these seltzer bottles were stunning. Perfect for displaying in a collection.

On Sunday, we gathered at Defenso and Humberto Primera for the Sunday flea market in the Plaza Dorrego Defensa.

There were tons of awesome hefty locks for sale. We couldn’t resist buying one (which I’ll share as soon as I find on a spot for it!)


This guy was about $80. We’d need to wire him (approximately $15?) and buy a lampshade. We went looking for a Banco to withdraw more pesos and ended up not going back to get him. Gosh, he would look amazing on a side table in BC’s office. Sigh, the one that got away.

See what I mean about the seltzer water bottles? If the photo before didn’t do it for you, this one certainly should!

BC and I rang a lot of small handbells on the hunt for the perfect “Sick Bell” for our home. I suggested one of these gigantic cow bells. But it’s not practical – a sick bell should be mobile!

Another unconventional wall art idea. I can’t get over how beautiful these stirrups are.


The ideal architectural house print.


Look what I found! After very little debate but thoughtful consideration (my mom walked by at the moment of deliberation and offered up her similar standing multiple hand towel holder) we bought this bronze hand to hold our bathroom guest towel. The detail of the cuff and ring are superb. Since we haven’t decided on what kind of cabinet we’ll be buying for the bathroom, we didn’t want to take up counter top real estate – the hanging hands are the perfect fit…

…Don’t you think?



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