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Room Muse Greta Garbo

February 25, 2011

The 83rd annual Academy Awards are this Sunday evening. Though BC has what can only be described as a extremely violent repulsion to the “Red Carpet” shows, I thoroughly enjoy the spectacle, especially when the stars are able to transcend past the modern hoopla and channel the Hollywood of yesteryear.

Earlier this week I bought a new perfume and for some reason it makes me think of the pitch perfect style of Greta Garbo. Which is weird, since I really have no concept of Greta Garbo at all, other than a vague awareness of her androgynous style and very pretty face.

But this image of Ms. Garbo of absolutely nails the perception I had in mind: confidence, know-all, sublime cool. Though she was the definitive leading lady, whether silent or talking, Garbo seems to have a tenacity about her.

I get the feeling she’d have rather joined men for cigars after dinner than gossip with the ladies. And if by chance the gossip ever steered in her direction – I don’t imagine she’d take much notice. It’s said that Garbo once abruptly ended an interview with a reporter when he phrased his question “I wonder…”

“Why wonder?” she said before walking away.

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I don’t get the impression that this is a woman who would make a big deal about the Academy Awards. I mean, she was nominated three times, heralded for her performance in Camille, yet only won a special lifetime achievement award. Besides I don’t imagine Garbo wasn’t banking on public approval, though she had it in droves. I read a couple reports where people mentioned Garbo’s “sizzle”. She was likened to the kind of person who held you entranced when she walked in a room. She didn’t care about make-up and all that jazz, and she was breathtakingly beautiful regardless.

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A dressing room for Garbo has some balance of beauty and grace coupled with strength and confidence – the perfect tension of femininity and masculinity. It would be a place where she’d reluctantly dress for an evening out, but not without a whiskey and ginger ale in hand. Or it’s maybe just a retreat where one could be “let alone.” …I have a sneaky suspicion I’ll be picking up a Greta Garbo biography sometime soon.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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