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Les Puces de la Porte de Vanves

April 14, 2011

My entire family had left for their respective flights by 9am on Sunday, leaving me all alone in Paris for the day. What to do? Les Puces (Flea Market)!

Last year, I headed up to the big Clingancourt flea market, so this time I went south to Porte de Vanves where a two street, outdoor market is held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Since I had to check out of the flat before my flea market trip, I was carrying all my luggage. And boy was it heavy. So though I was enamored with that silver lamp, I didn’t even both asking “combine” (how much.)

Two things: I saw a picture recently of a head bust sitting on a fireplace mantle and it looked so cool. Also, I share Kelly Wearstler’s affinity for anatomical forms. I’m dying to find someone who can do a cast of a four toed foot to grace our coffee table. Four toes are an ode to Lost, one of BC’s favorite shows.

I love the idea of mixing old portraits with modern photography and artwork. There were soooo many great portrait/artwork pieces at Vanves, this gentleman is only one of the many I would have loved to take home.

Remember old Louis’ wall scones? I think he would have approved of these as well.

This guy almost make the cut. It would have been a little too challenging to get him on the airplane though.

So simple, it’s just words on a page, framed. But they are French words. And French words look infinitely more art-like, don’t they?

This girl looks like she’s having a rough time, doesn’t she? I snapped a picture thinking of my recent posts on decorating with repurposed dress forms.

Truth be told, I went to Les Puces on a mission to shop. Now for my purchases…

Are you looking at what I’m looking at? Yeah, that amazing globe. That guy is now in my living room. I couldn’t resist and, incredibly, it was only 15 euros, which is roughly $25!

The start of a collection, I added a French lock to go with my Beunos Aires lock. I imagine there will be hundreds of these displayed on a wall by the time I’m in my 60’s.

Ah, there’s always an impulse buy, right? I’ve wanted a pair of vintage boxing gloves and when I saw these, I just jumped at the chance to have a pair of my very own. Permanent location is TBD, I think I want to hang them somewhere.

I got this little soldier man for BC and it currently resides on his desk. I also got a tile with a painting of a soldier (oops, forgot to get a picture before I left for Napa!)

So maybe you know about my thing for birds? Well it seems it manifested into a peacock admiration. There was a flight of these bird frames pictures but when my eyes rested of this whimsical peacock I was sold.

Les Puces de Porte de Vanves. I came, I saw, I conquered.



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