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Spring Fever

April 20, 2011

I am so pleased to welcome back Gleason of Gypsy Lady Designs to Salvaged Grace. Gleason kicks off her new monthly post with a super sweet nursery designs incorporating both modern and vintage pieces. – Erin

All of my friends seem to be popping out bambinos left and right these days. I am not there yet in my life, but I still have the itch. With that said, I have been wondering if I were pregnant how I would design my nursery. I’m a bit more traditional in the sense that I want my baby’s sex to be a surprise! So I have designed a gender neutral backdrop with the ability to add splashes of pinks and blues to the nursery once the baby is born!

With my passion for sheep, I have designed the nursery as a green and white room, with lots of lamb elements and coziness! I would pick out fabrics ahead of time for both sexes so I can order the baby bedding, and a few other décor pieces as well, after the little one is here.

I adore the varying shades of green on the striped walls, with a cozy sheepskin rug underfoot! I can just picture the baby after his or her bath, snuggling on that rug! I love the modern rocking chair, also covered in sheepskin, cozy enough for me during feedings and story time, with a homemade birch log table sitting next to it.

I think a lot of children’s furniture is a waste because you have to sell it when they outgrow it. To solve this problem, I would prefer an antique sideboard, painted in white, with green trim, serving as the changing table and storage. I could move the sideboard to a number of varying rooms as the baby outgrows it.

I would place the pair of narrow dressers, painted in white, on either side of the crib, storing clothing and other necessities.

I am in awe of this green and white modern crib! It would be a perfect fit for my baby’s room! The tree bookshelf is adorable and ideal to hold all of the books we will be reading and can be moved to an office or playroom later on.

The toy box is a perfect match, with a white background and painted leaves on top—I love it! I hope to find an antique trunk I can turn into that someday or maybe even make one out of salvaged wood. The light fixture is something I can make as well and it is covered in grass. How cool is that? Every room needs some fresh oxygen flowing!

I could not pass up this sweet little elephant nightlight. I think I may even have to buy one for my guest bathroom now. And of course the sheep rockers are a must to finish up the nursery!

The orange trashcan (formally a flour sifter) is actually something I currently own, and I think that pop of orange is perfect, much better looking than a diaper genie.

I would be thrilled to have a wall filled full of family pictures so I can teach my baby all about our history and the love that is passed on to him or her and then add some family silhouettes to provide that traditional touch, with my baby’s silhouette soon to follow, of course.

I couldn’t decide between the elephant curtains or the coral ones (since I live at the beach) but maybe there is a way I can tie them both in, making both curtains and throw pillows. The sheep mobile is an adorable touch to add over the crib for my baby to count as he or she drifts off to sleep.

One thing I love about a nursery is the mobile! While researching them for this nursery concept, I was overwhelmed with all of the cute ones out there and could not make a decision. So I decided to do a whole page of them. I believe I will make my own, but can easily find inspiration on all of the fabulous designs on Etsy!

Who knows, maybe I’ll get my dream of having boy/girl twins. But if not then I have designed one boy concept and one girl concept to embellish the original nursery.

Blue is my favorite color and I love all of these shades and patterns! A little toile mixed with some safari, combining vintage and new fabrics! Even the printed ones make it a bit more masculine!

My friend recently had her baby five weeks early. Yikes! All turned out well, thank goodness, but one of the things I thought was so sweet was they had picked out her “going home” outfit. Even though it swallowed her miniature size, they still put it on her!

If I were picking a “going home” outfit I would grab this sweet little smocked beach outfit, with perfect little beach socks and the cutest knit hat! When I bring my baby to see his nursery, he would see a life size gator, zebra and bear stuffed animals, an antique sterling jungle baby cup, a toy chest filled with soft sports balls and blue paper lanterns hanging overhead. For bedtime I would wrap him up in the prettiest “wave” baby blanket, after reading “Goodnight Zoo” and tucking him into bed with his BlaBla Fox! Of course there would be “Litchfield” the family sheep dog guarding over him as he sleeps! Sweet Dreams Little Man!

If I had a baby girl I would definitely want to add some pink to the room, and what a fabulous contrast with the green! I can’t get enough of these fabrics!!!

I would make sure my baby girl came home in the sweetest white smocked dress and diaper bloomers! Plus, she would be wearing the most adorable Beaufort Bonnet!

With butterflies flying across her walls, her name spelled out in letters covered in seashells and a multi-colored fabric garland hanging from corner to corner, she would be the happiest baby around! I would hang a seashell mirror over the sideboard changing table, and a family heirloom sterling baby cup would sit on her tall dressers with blue paper flowers hanging above.

At bedtime I would read her “Good Night Beach,” wrap her in the coziest baby blanket, have her kiss her life size giraffe goodnight and tuck her in her crib with her BlaBla Elephant! Sweet dreams Butter Bean!

This concept wouldn’t be complete without a page full of lambies! There is just something about those animals that makes me feel full of happiness! Maybe it’s because sheep were always the animal I was associated with as a child. Having three other siblings, my Mom got smart (and organized) and gave us each a color (mine was yellow) and an animal (I have always been the “little lamb” of my family).  For every holiday I would receive some sheep related item, and it is now stuck in my blood! They make me think of Spring, warmth, happiness and pure sweetness. I hope you enjoy their darling faces as much as I do!


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  1. Mellnee Buchheit permalink
    April 21, 2011 8:58 pm

    Mollie, I LOVE your post! You are so smart and creative. You can help with my nursery, if I ever have grandchildren!

  2. Liz Johnston permalink
    April 22, 2011 7:51 am

    Glea – What a wonderful article – so creative and well thought out. So glad you loved being our “lamb” through the years. “Ewe” are special!!! Love, Momma

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