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Assemblage…Head Busts

May 25, 2011

As many good design obsessions do, my…um, lust for busts began with the blogs and online magazines.

I just love how casually the formal stone head bust is mixed into these scenes. I began to wonder where one might find a vintage head bust, without busting the bank.

Remember this photo from my day at the flea market in Paris last month?

Ah, so that’s where they are… in Paris and probably Rome and other fabulous European flea markets that I’m not visiting in the near future, not that I’d realistically be able to smuggle a stone head onto the plane anyways.

Not since Princess Mombi in Return to Oz has anyone coveted heads more than I.

I noticed a few things as I searched the vintage head busts available on Etsy and Ebay: 1.The European looking stone head bust in the size I’d want (i.e. almost lifesize) is not only hard to find but pretty pricey, 2.There are some different style head busts that I think are interesting, though they don’t quite fulfill my vision, 3.The smaller ones are cute to serve as desk items or bookends.

via PhatDog

via Paris Couture Antiques

via Swan Treasures

via Jaxmom123 Ebay

via Magic Surrounds

via gvts Ebay

via wbmbooks

via AprililyLove Ebay

via Raindrops on Roses

via gvts Ebay

via AtomicKeep Ebay

Happy head hunting!


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