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Captain Fairfield Inn

August 10, 2011

As you may remember, I took most of my vacations back in the Winter and Spring. So here it is – summer – and aside from the quick trip to NC and Long Island, I’m pretty much chained to the city. What I’d give to escape the hot streets for a week! Where to go? How about Maine… seaside, small towns, cute B&Bs. Enough distractions to make the trip fun, but few enough to not feel guilty about doing absolutely nothing.

To soothe my mid-summer malaise, let’s take a special, mid-week Salvaged Getaway to Captain Fairfield Inn in Kennebunkport.

Oh, doesn’t it look quaint? The Inn is the original home of a shipping captain, James Fairfield and his wife, Lois, built in 1813. Many of the original details remain though it seems the Inn underwent a pretty dramatic redecoration recently.

Above is the main living room before and below is the after. Overall, I approve! But I did like the reproduction of Captain Fairfield’s portrait in a place of honor over the mantle. You can read the full story of the original portrait here, but as the story goes… Captain Fairfield had his portrait was made while at sea and it was shipped back to his wife – but the ship was lost at sea and the portrait never arrived.

Years later, after the Captain and his wife passed away, a life like portrait of Captain Fairfield was discovered on a Swedish ship that docked in Portland. The portrait had been rolled in a tin case which was buoyant enough to rise to the surface after the ship it was on went down. In the portrait, Fairfield is holding a letter addressed to Kennebunkport, Maine, which became the clue to help the portrait find its way home. The original is in The Brick Store museum and the reproduction (now located at the end of the entry hallway below) was painted by a local artist.

While the new room designs are quite modern, they work well with the architecture of the old house. The rooms looks so fresh and comfy.

My favorite may be the new dining room area. I like the combination of the early American furnishings with the patterned wallpaper. The Innkeepers provide a delicious breakfast and apparently, you can order cheese or meat plates for afternoon snacks. I could totally see myself not leaving the property, just relaxing and eating – ah, the simple life.

Also – they serve fresh afternoon cookies and this girl LOVES her afternoon cookies.

Kennebunkport, anyone?

Images via Captain Fairfield Inn

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