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The Pucic Palace

August 22, 2011

When the Antiques Diva posted photos of her recent trip to Croatia last week, I knew I’d found today’s Salvaged Getaway. Around 2005, some friends of mine vacations on the Dalmatian Coast, and raved about the beauty (and the affordability) of the Croatian coastline. Of course, back then my friends had to defend their decision to vacation in Eastern Europe. I’m now convinced on their vacation destination savvy.

Our destination: Dubrovnik and The Pucic Palace.

Renaissance palace, check. Quaint market square, check. Beaches within walking distance, check. With a history of receiving guests for over a century, the Pucic Palace is one of the finest aristocratic residences of Dubrovnik.

These beautiful old stairs have been preserved and throughout the house are parquet cladding floors made of olive wood.The entire renovation was completed with adherence to the strict old city guidelines.

The Cafe Royal has the heraldic shields of Dubrovnik’s royal families painted on the ceiling and they serve a stone soup, made with fresh local vegetables and flavored with minerals from Adriatic Sea pebbles. Intriguing!

Just outside the Pucic Palace, Dubrovnik awaits. The stone city walls were laid in the 10th century and the city walk yields the best views in town. I read in a couple of places that the thing to do in Dubrovnik is to go to Buza, also known as the cliff diving cafe. The drinks only cafe is built into the fortress walls. Drinks with a view and cliff diving into the Adriatic Sea.. sounds dangerously divine.

Images via The Pucic Palace


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