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Dissecting the Greek Key Bar Cart Project

September 2, 2011

LIFE LESSON #435: Make sure your glasses are up to the right perscription

5 years ago I accidentally left my adorable, up to date pair of glasses in Austin, TX and I never bothered going back to get my perscription so I could order a new pair. Well last night it came back to bite me when I was diagnosed with an eye infection and told I wear my ratty, old glasses from high school for ONE WHOLE WEEK. But don’t feel sorry for me, I know I had this one coming!

I learned some DIY/crafting lessons when I worked on my Greek Key Bar Car project a few weeks ago.

BC’s going to be all “yeah, I told you so” but I wish I’d downloaded a stencil or spent more time crafting a durable one of my own. I ended up making two from cardboard and as you can see, there ended up being some inconsistencies.
2. But that wasn’t the real problem. The real problem was that I used spray paint and the ENTIRE template wasn’t secured enough to the card. So the spray paint kept creeping under the template into places it wasn’t supposed to be. The result was uneven widths of the key and a lot of clean up work on my part.
3. This is the dumbest lesson of all. I didn’t read the instructions on the spray paint can and I haven’t spray painted in a long time. Plus, I was doing so indoors and was worried about getting it all over the place. So, I sprayed too closely. There were a lot of clumps, I used an ENTIRE bottle of spray paint and there’s varying levels of coverage on the piece.

None of these issues is the end of the world. Just things I wish I’d done differently that would have made the project stronger. Oh well, next time, right?! I should start buying furniture in twos so I can have a practice round!

Speaking of next time, I’m tackling the window project this weekend. I had a stroke of brilliance mid week and I’m super excited about what I’m planning to create. There’s no spray pant involved (hallelujah!)

Happy Labor Day and Bonne Weekend! See you next Tuesday!

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