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Fronterac Club Inn

October 17, 2011

Last week BC and I went to Pub Quiz night at Franklin Park. My primary contribution was winning a free beer for knowing the name of Donald Trump’s second wife (Marla Maples), and one of the categories we especially fared badly in was “About Canada.” Yeesh, that may have been our worst round!

Let’s head to Canada today so I can begin to amass a little more knowledge of our friend to the north. Perhaps I can redeem myself someday.

Fronterac Club Inn

I’m pretty smitten with the whole limestone building situation. The rooms at the Fronterac utilize repurposed architectural pieces pretty spectacularly. On a side note, my porthole mirror will look exactly like the one at the Fronterac –  all I have to do is buy the glass and hang it on my gray wall! 

Chez Piggy, Pan Chancho (image via Dwayne Brown), The Grand Theatre, Trousdale General Store, Queen’s University (image via)

Canada… Kingston in particular, looks pretty charming, indeed.

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