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Rock Hall, Litchfield CT

November 28, 2011

Hello! I hope this finds you all quite full and happy post Turkey Day.

My family flew out Saturday (after a really fun week) and left in their wake… the Christmas season! Oh the lists to be made, the presents to be bought, the fun to be had. In an effort to shield myself from my “to do’s” I find respite in holiday movies.

Of course, the prerequisite for a holiday movie is a spectacular holiday house. It’s probably located in CT, where there’s plenty of open land to be filled with snow. It may be farmhouse style, or perhaps stone, a la Christmas in Connecticut. The decor could be eclectic or sumptuous, but for sure it is warm. And the scene isn’t finished without a roaring fire.

I’d like to nominate Rock Hall Inn located in Litchfield County (horse country)/northern CT for a starring role in a holiday movie. It’s an unlikely candidate, what with the architect of the home being known for his Palm Beach mansion designs, but I think there’s merit.

Textured layers, fantastic patterns, elegant dark woods, AND THAT FIREPLACE! Can you imagine a big turkey dinner in that fantasy dining room? The wallpaper looks like it’s sparkling!

Friends, have I found the perfect holiday house yet to be cast?

Images via Rock Hall.


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