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Assemblage: Sea Paintings

January 20, 2012

I’ve decided. I like my sea paintings 100% stormy and 100% water. See: this fabulous painting belonging to Bryn Alexandra and this painting found at Hotel Delmano.

Photos via Salvaged Grace and Bryn Alexandra

To achieve ultimate impact, put a whole bunch of sea paintings together, like this:

Photo via Little Green Notebook

But as it turns out either sea paintings are hard to find or I’m not looking in the right place. The only paintings I found were stormy, rocky, sometimes mountainy and sometimes boaty. That said, these stormy sea paintings have such warmth to them, I could make do with any one (or many more than one).

A.Signed Sea Painting via Tearing up Houses, Sette via Studio Elements (Not shown to scale)

B French Marine Painting via Trianon Antiques, C Midcentury Oil Painting via A Pickers Eye, D 1940’s Seascape Oil Painting via Nicky Kehoe Shop, E American 19th Century Painting via Ann Medonia Antiques, F Oscar Wilson seascape via Ebay, G 1960’s Large Scale Painting Crashing Waves via BG Galleries, (Not shown to scale)

H. 20th Century Nathan Turner Painting via 1st Dibs, Vintage Russell Woodard Armchair via ER Miller Design(Not shown to scale) 

Hope you have a great weekend!

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