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January 30, 2012

I suppose one could say that I’m a “foodie,” though that term is so silly. I appreciate good food, enjoy long meals, like trying new things and love a good “underground” dinner club. In fact, over the weekend, some friends, BC, and I tried the Brooklyn Edible Social Club and had such a great time. The food… oh, so wonderful. Here’s the link to our menu, if you’re interested. And, of course, the icing on the cake (or maybe it was the whipped cream on the chocolate mousse), was spotting this fantastic repurposed birdcage light.

Another dining experience I’m coveting is a trip to Faviken in northwest Sweden.

Picture this… a working rustic farm is the middle of nowhere, where food is treated as it should be. Ingredients served at the appropriate time of year, all elements of the meal foraged on the farm, hunting as a part of meal preparation… with an end result of “real food” served in a sparely decorated restaurant for only 12 lucky diners each night.

You can tell that the food and other experiences take center stage and are what makes Faviken so special. I had to dig to find pictures of the other spaces on the estate but they were not lacking in charm or beauty. Apparently, you can’t go to dinner without staying the night – it’s actually that far away from civilization. 

If you want to read more, Bon Appetit featured Faviken back in September. I think the appropriate word for Faviken is magical. 

Images via Bon Appetit, and Faviken.

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