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Joana’s Map Print

February 1, 2012

How often do you hear about someone actually living in paradise? I met Joana in September at Blogshop and have since enjoyed following along her everyday beach adventures. Joana hosted me on her blog My Sea Story a few month ago and I thought it was high time to welcome her here. Joana’s Sentimental Salvage story is inspired by one of my favorite holiday repurposing ideas. 

Hi, I’m Joana from myseastory, and I am so happy to be participating on Sentimental Salvage today!

It’s been a year since I moved from portugal to turks and caicos, I remember doing lots of planning to bring with me every little thing that I would need and wouldn’t be so easy to find on island. I knew there was no Ikea, no Crate and Barrel, not even Craiglist or Ebay…

But I brought only what I really needed, and after finding a home and settling down I began to feel the urge to fill the empty walls of our Caribbean home – so this is where I am at the moment, in the process of this challenging project.

A few weeks ago I found this map print through Black Eiffel and knew I had to have it, it is so simple and would give a happy touch to my home. I used an old frame that was still inside a box and it fit perfectly – now it reminds me of all the places I still want to travel to!

xx Joana

If you like it too, you can also download another version of this print for free on Angela Hardison’s blog.

Thanks Joana! 

Images via My Sea Story

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  1. Shoko permalink
    February 1, 2012 8:05 pm

    So beautiful! What a great piece.

  2. Chi permalink
    February 2, 2012 2:34 am

    I love all the photos in !and some photos at your home walls . Of course the printed is a part of your art hanging at your all home I would see then in August :):):
    Until then .. Keep writing , keep smiling , keep diving , keep going to the Beaches , keep enjoying the paradise :):):


  1. have a relaxing weekend « m y s e a s t o r y

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